About Wayward Son Developers

Wayward Son Developers is a web development team consisting of Me, Myself, and I. Me handles the back-end coding and server management, Myself is more into the design/layout and front-end work, while I just supervise and occasionally handle marketing.

In all seriousness, I wanted something other than my personal name to publish some of my solo development work under - and this was it. Here are some of the projects I've worked on.

Jesus Joshua 24:15

Jesus Joshua 24:15 is a local Christian Rock group with a big heart for the Lord. I've been helping them with their website since... a while.

More information can be found on the Jesus Joshua 24:15 page.

Other Projects

In addition to some of the other projects I've worked on, I work full-time for Cape Fear Valley Health System in the Training and Development department.